by Kid Yellow




released November 12, 2013

Louis Stumpf- Music and Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Midi Composition, Glockenspiel, hand claps
Connor Stobaugh- Mixing, Production, Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Jared Jones- Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, Vocals
Jacob Gumbel- Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Autoharp
Jessica Gerlach- Vocals on Nebuchadnezzar

Special Thank you to Brodie Wright for the spectacular Album Art



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Kid Yellow Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: September
I built my summer house inside a lion's mouth
My fear consumed me there, grandfather's rocking chair
A tale of war and peace inside the king of beasts
And looking for release threw my hopes to the east

The rising sun was there for me
A guiding light to carry me to you
And as a tired prayer fell from my lips I broke free of the lion's grips

Another perfect day, born in the month of may
I just can't wait 'til June to fall in love with you
And darling in July, your face I'll memorize
And in the August heat, we will make love so sweet

September I will wait for you, I will not hesitate to follow through
And my heart won't beat a single beat until the next time our lips meet

September in the evening, September in the evening
Honeymoon and Cherry dreaming, I won't let go of this feeling
Of September in the evening, when the world is safe and sleeping
I won't let go of this feeling, I won't let go of this feeling
Track Name: Guinevere
Guinevere, I saw you in the apple orchard
Stealing honey from the bees
And I heard your laughter in the ever-after
Floating high above the trees
Did you care to notice how the flowers loved you?
You are the first day of spring.
Did you stop to listen to the humming swallows?
You're the melody they sing.

Oh, oh, oh you've got it darling
Come on give it all to me

I told you I loved you in the cemetery
Your eyes stared in disbelief
I know that you're promised to another lover
But your heart belongs to me

Oh, oh, oh you've got it darling
Come on give it all to me

When the kingdom falls from our indiscretion
My heart will still be your possession
Your lips still speak of confession
But we'll never learn our lesson
Track Name: In the Channel
In the channel I witnessed the end and the creation
All along the crater, crooked crows and creeping vines
Soaking in the summer's sweet and sorrowful sedation
I watched as the sun was buried in the sands of time

Are you waiting for me on the east bank of the river?
Are you wading out into the beautiful abyss?
I have only known you as a thought escaping my mind
I can't seem to find you but I know that you exist.

In the still valley's breach
Between the end and the creation
I heard our children speak
In golden tongues

When will our spirit's meet?
A journey through a constellation
Healing our wounded feet
And burning lungs

You will find the answers
In the catacombs
You will find the secrets
Underneath your feet
We are temporary
Like the Cherry Blossom
Petals beautiful but torn off gently in the breeze
Track Name: Nebuchadnezzar
You turned your eyes into me
Dark as the winter solstice
I heard the creaking floorboards
Sing of our self destruction
I watched you wear a smile
Bright as a napalm jungle
I heard the scorched earth whisper
We will give up the struggle

We’ve got antlers on our heads
(say you’ll take me as I am)
All the living and the dead
(in the darkness holding hands)
Born of soil and of sun
(flow like streams into the sea)
Waiting for the end to come
(spirits go on endlessly)

In the mirror
Beard full of leaves
Looking down at
Claws on my feet
I can feel the future calling
What do all of these visions mean?

Love me like a comet burning
Crashing down and stirring the sea
I can feel the future calling
What do all of these visions mean?
Track Name: Nectar
We were falling stars
Burning in a blaze
Peeling back the dark
Turning Night today
Always searching for our heaven
We were all alone
In the midnight air
Not a living soul
That could see us there

Show the way to where the sweetness waits
Honeybees and hummingbirds search
But I think we found it, I think we found it

I will be waiting for you in the garden
All of the clovers soon will be dying
But in the mean time we can have each other
Somewhere in the meantime you will find me there
But in the meantime we can be together
Somewhere in the meantime

Show the way to where the sweetness waits
Honeybees and hummingbirds search
But I think we found it, I think we found it
Track Name: Segue
Even when we live we aren't alive
Even when we're dead we do not die
We live in a garden that weeds have overgrown
I will peel the moss away from your fragile bones

In the darkest corners of your mind
Thunderbirds shout blindly to the wild
I will build a tower up that will reach so high
Even when the sun burns out you will light the sky
Track Name: Ghost Dance
Let’s dance
Wake the sleeping forest
Shedding all our regrets
Like our aging skin

Meet me
In the still of evening
Churning up the calm breeze
Into fiery winds

Hidden in the webs
Of our children’s dream catchers
An answer for the call
The rise before the fall
The fear within us all

Circling round the earth
In a flurry of moonbeams
We cast upon the ground
Swallowed in the sound
Turn it all around

Show me your ghost dance
Teach me how to ghost dance
Show me your ghost dance
And throw me to the wolves

You came
To me in a day dream
Stirring souls and raising
Spirits from the grave

Hold me
Move me like gravity
Shake me like the thunder
Rock me like the waves
Track Name: Wildebeest
Don't I recognize you from somewhere?
I saw paintings of you in a cave.

Painted red with berries down at the estuary
I saw you dancing full of life.
At the water drinking, what thoughts are you thinking?
I wanna get inside your mind.

Wildebeest, run from me.

Lying down in the weeds
Waiting so patiently
All your fears and beliefs
Let's play hide and go seek

Beneath Apollo's sun
I went out for a hunt
You know me from your dreams
Let's play hide and go seek

Wildebeest, run from me.

We were dancing in the prairies
Lightning flowing through our bodies
Reborn in the form of weather
Storms rolling over the desert

We were clapping, stomping our feet
Thunder shaking through the buildings
Reborn in the form of weather
Storms rolling over the desert
Track Name: Owls
We were walking in a day dream all our time just passing don't you know that we were
Owls hiding in our hollows waiting for the night time waiting for the sunset

Tvs playing only static long forgotten attics full of waiting memories
Til we saw the life we could lead, breathed the air we could breathe with rejoicing lungs

I will defy the elemental creatures of the night
You will be mine, forever and until the end of time.

Owls full of foolish wisdom we repeat the question "who" into the midnight.
One day we will know the answer we will know the truth that's hidden in the starlight

I will defy the elemental creatures of the night You will be mine forever and until the end of time
Track Name: Hieroglyphics
By the light of Babylon
Lay me on the shore
Let me drown in the decay
Restless nevermore

In the dirt, sweet paradox
Carves our marble bones
Dying for a taste of life
Dying to go home

At the sight of burning light
I felt the fall of Babylon

All our lives slaves to the hive
Redemption in the resistance

In the moonlight, we will rise
In the moonlight, parasites